Tuesday, October 22, 2013

January 28th Citizen Advisory - 5:30 -6:30

1. Celebrate Growth - What are we Learning?
A Message from Kid President - Implications on our Work (10 min.)

2. Parent Survey Results (10 min.)

3. Student Survey Results (10 min.)

4. Operation Exploration (30 min.)
     a. What is it?
     b. Planning for Success 
5. Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The General: October 2013 Edition

To further celebrate the ACHIEVEMENT of our Generals we are having a fall and spring Dean's List Breakfast. All Generals that achieve a 3.25 GPA in quarter 1 and their parents will be invited to our first ever Dean's list breakfast. First time Dean's list students will receive a G letter and "lamp of knowledge." All student Parents or Grandparents, and students will enjoy breakfast, music, coupled with motivations from College and Career LEADERs Jessica Sekulski and Julia Thomas and other Thomas Nelson LEADERs.  

See the image below for dates and times for each grade level.  
Is your son or daughter interested in the Governor's Scholar program? Enhance their readiness by attending the Governor's scholar night next Thursday the 24th of October to get an edge on the competition. 
Interested parents stay tuned to the TNHS Daily Announcements for more information on Project Lift-off. I will be asking for parent LEADERs interested in chairing the project lift planning team. The majority of students have voted for their preference at both TNHS and NCHS and we should have a clear path by the end of this week. 

October 4th, the last day of quarter one, not only marked the first house pride rally of the year (Survivor) but it also was our first senior future story day. While the rest of Generals took the quarter 1 interim assessments all of our seniors took part in college and career resume building workshops and met with community business leaders to gain further insight into how to be prepared now for employment beyond high school. Before lunch each senior had a draft of their college and career resume accompanied by next steps on how to continue to build their resume further while in high school. This future story day builds off of the work going on in LEADER Prep classes on a weekly basis.  Through this work we continue to strive towards our mission of college and career readiness for all. 
The first house pride rally promoted the SURVIVOR theme!