Monday, July 27, 2015

The General - July 2015 Want to Make a Difference?

Want to Make a Difference?
As we continue to pursue college, career, and citizenship readiness for all students we are recognize the powerful role that parents must play in that process. Beginning for the 2015-2016 school year we are establishing a "House Parent" Team that will develop a vision for partnerships based on the following principles. 

1. We are a local site of CARE - the notion that it takes a village is never more evident than in a school. We must all CARE for our community and our children. 
2. We all have GIFTS to offer - our school needs your gifts as a parent and community member. Our House LEADERs will partner with you to sustain community connections. 
3. Together We Can Change the World - our parents and our community has the resources, personal connections, and heart to change the world for the better. House parents help facilitate and communicate the process and opportunities to do so. 

Interested? - email Mr. Bradley at 

Every parent will receive a free gift card upon entering our B2SB. All that you have to do is fill it out and share your gifts. If you drop it in the gift jar you will be in a drawing for free TNHS gear! 

Check out how some of our first ever citizenship ready students are changing the world from the class of 2015!