Thursday, March 14, 2013

The General: March 2013 Edition

Generals LEAD into the 4th Quarter
Assistant Principal Heather Warrell with Lafayette House
Members Loren Schuler and Luke Cecil. 
As we move into the final quarter of our inaugural year at Thomas Nelson High School we continue to be impressed by the sense of community that our Generals have developed over the past seven months. The courage that our Generals have displayed throughout the year has been indicative of the support that the community and parents have showed for Thomas Nelson High School. As we move into eighth grade parent nights over the next week and upper class parent nights in April and May the narrative will be more clear this year. Not only do we have a building, but we have a school.  Thank you to all of you that continue to contribute to our school community. 

Perfect ACT Attendance!
Our only picture with all 162 Lincoln House Members!
162 out of 162 Generals had the courage to show up to our first ever ACT at Thomas Nelson High School. By choice, they wore lime green t-shirts that read "Keepin' it Classy." The day culminated in the "big chill" event that was hosted by the Lincoln House Leaders and a number of parent volunteers. The juniors want to show their gratitude for all of  you that made the event possible. 

Interim Assessment Reports Going Home With Report Cards 3.15.13
Interim Assessment Score Range aligned to ACT
Based on feedback from the partnering with parent survey results in December we have started to couple the release of the report card with the interim assessment results. The detailed subject by subject item analysis affords parents and students meaningful feedback about how students perform in relation to ACT college readiness standards. A major priority with this test is creating a growth mindset for our Generals by giving them clarity about what areas they can target for future growth. Naturally, our teachers will use this data to partner with students in this growth process in their given subject areas. Please be aware that scores on this test do not correlate with traditional grading scales. See the table to the right for more information concerning how to interpret scores for your child. Also, the IA scores only apply to 9th and 10th grade students during quarter 3 as the Juniors took the ACT and will receive their results in the coming months.