Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 2015: Feast of Thanks

An essential part of our work at TNHS is honoring the gifts within our community. As we move into the Thanksgiving holidays we that ask that you consider a student or staff member at TNHS as a way to celebrate!


We are excited to invite our community into our school on Monday, November 23rd for our first annual Feast of Thanks. We have community members from across the county joining our students at their House Tables to give thanks. Click on the video above for further insight. 

For questions or further insight about the event email Mr. Webster at 

Parent Educator Team: We Need You!
Image result for beyond the bake saleAs the Thomas Nelson General Hand Parent team continues to develop the vision for "Partnership" we are seeking 4 parent volunteers to join the Parent Educator Team. This team will be working together to make amazing happen over the next five months! We will begin by sharing notes and ideas from this book.  

Please email Mr. Bradley at to learn more.  We already have one parent signed up! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

11.10.15 Gifts & The Feast of Thanks

"When we choose to make visible the gifts of those around us, we discover several things. First, working together we begin to take creative responsibility for our families and our lives... Second, as we share gifts, all kinds of new connections and relationships are created." 
                    The Abundant Community 

11.10.15 Meeting
  1. Parent Partnership E-Cards (All Parents)
  2. Read Aloud Norms (Wes)
  3. Gift Card Revisions (Wes - Groups of 3)
  4. Goal Setting Revisited (Wes)
  5. Feast of Thanks (Mark) 
    1. Annual Tradition of Association and Hospitality.
    2. How can the General Hand be involved in short-term?
  6. House Parent Roles (Small Groups)
    1. Immediate Needs
    2. Long-Term Needs
  7. Gratitude Circles (Small Groups)
    1. What gifts did we share today?