Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The General: August 2013 - Towards Continued Growth

Learning from ACT Growth - G20 Making History
Our class of 2014 cohort made history with an ACT composite average of 20 this past March. While the data was just published through the Kentucky Dept. of Education we had a good sense throughout the past year that our juniors, now seniors were working towards history. As a community of professionals, our classroom LEADERs continue to learn from the ACT data in order to support our upcoming class of 2015 cohort with continued ACT success. 

As we met with our seniors during the first week of school they expressed not only pride, but a sense that they're not quite finished making history yet. Students within our first graduating class continue to work diligently on college preparatory coursework, industry certification in a career trade, college acceptance, and resume building. We will continue to support each student with their future story through our weekly LEADER Prep course! 

PROJECT LIFT-OFF and Future Stories
We will be meeting with interested parents in the next four weeks to form a "PROJECT LIFT-OFF" parent and student leadership team. Traditionally deemed "Project Graduation," our end of the year event will focus not only on the celebration and the rite of passage that is high school graduation, but will also focus on providing our Generals with the inspiration to lift-off into their future story pathways.
The symbol of the aircraft carrier has been used throughout this year with both students and teachers to convey the role that Thomas Nelson plays within student's lives. We are an essential platform for students to be prepared to lift-off into their future stories. If you or anyone that you know are interested in being a part of the Project Lift-Off planning team please click here to fill out the interest form.