Monday, December 7, 2015

12.8.15 General Hand Parent Meeting

Expect the Best
Mrs. Lisa Thurman honored at the district "Expect The Best" Ceremony.
Lisa will graduate triplets this year at TNHS!

12.8.15 Meeting

  1. Parent Partnership E-Cards (All Parents)
  2. Read Aloud Norms (Wes)
  3. Parent CAREBook & Goal Setting Revisited - 80% (Wes - 5 min.)
  4. Missing Piece Dialogue
  5. LEADER Luncheon (Amy & Lisa)
  6. House Parent Roles (Small Groups - 20 min)
    1. Immediate Needs
    2. Long-Term Needs
  7. Gratitude Circles (Small Groups - 5 min.)
    1. What gifts did we share today?

Wonderings...Association and Parent Prom...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 2015: Feast of Thanks

An essential part of our work at TNHS is honoring the gifts within our community. As we move into the Thanksgiving holidays we that ask that you consider a student or staff member at TNHS as a way to celebrate!


We are excited to invite our community into our school on Monday, November 23rd for our first annual Feast of Thanks. We have community members from across the county joining our students at their House Tables to give thanks. Click on the video above for further insight. 

For questions or further insight about the event email Mr. Webster at 

Parent Educator Team: We Need You!
Image result for beyond the bake saleAs the Thomas Nelson General Hand Parent team continues to develop the vision for "Partnership" we are seeking 4 parent volunteers to join the Parent Educator Team. This team will be working together to make amazing happen over the next five months! We will begin by sharing notes and ideas from this book.  

Please email Mr. Bradley at to learn more.  We already have one parent signed up! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

11.10.15 Gifts & The Feast of Thanks

"When we choose to make visible the gifts of those around us, we discover several things. First, working together we begin to take creative responsibility for our families and our lives... Second, as we share gifts, all kinds of new connections and relationships are created." 
                    The Abundant Community 

11.10.15 Meeting
  1. Parent Partnership E-Cards (All Parents)
  2. Read Aloud Norms (Wes)
  3. Gift Card Revisions (Wes - Groups of 3)
  4. Goal Setting Revisited (Wes)
  5. Feast of Thanks (Mark) 
    1. Annual Tradition of Association and Hospitality.
    2. How can the General Hand be involved in short-term?
  6. House Parent Roles (Small Groups)
    1. Immediate Needs
    2. Long-Term Needs
  7. Gratitude Circles (Small Groups)
    1. What gifts did we share today?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

10.13.15 General Hand Meeting - Purpose, Goals, Gifts (6:00 PM to 7:00 PM)

1. Partnering with Parent Cards (10 min.) Everyone
    Peter Block Visit to Cincy anyone?
2. Review Being Awesome Commitments (2 min.) Mr. Bradley
3. What is our purpose? Why does the General Hand Exist (20 min.) 
4. Our Goals: What % of parents do we want to honor? (10 min.)
5. The Parent Gift Sheet & Confidentiality Training (10 min)  
6. Gratitude Circle (5 min.)

Monday, September 21, 2015

The General: September 2015 Issue

As our school community has grown over the past three years, so has the notion of student LEADERship. This year, we have no fewer than 75 students serving in active leadership roles within their schedules beyond the traditional classroom each day. This brief video highlights leadership roles across the 

Celebrating TELL Kentucky Winners Circle Award: Excellence in Culture, Achievement, and Safety
We are excited to celebrate with our team of classroom LEADERs are nomination as one of the top schools in the state for Culture, Achievement, and School Safety. To find out more about the TELL Kentucky Winners Circle click here. Check out our remarkable House LEADERs below. 
(From Left to Right) Mrs. Nokes, Mr. Hammond, Mrs. Cornish, Mr. Mudd

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The General Hand - House Parent Meeting 9.8.15

1. Welcome Bingo (10 min.) Everyone
2. Being Awesome Commitments (10 min.) Mr. Bradley & Amy Durbin 
3. Historical Context for General Hand (5 min.) Amy Durbin
    A. Where did the General Hand begin?
    B. What can we celebrate? 
    C. What role did the General Hand play? 
4. Why are we here today? (10 min.) 
5. The Parent Gift Sheet & Confidentiality (10 min) 
6. Where do we start? Strategic Action Planning  (10 min.)
7. Gratitude Circle (5 min.)

Monday, July 27, 2015

The General - July 2015 Want to Make a Difference?

Want to Make a Difference?
As we continue to pursue college, career, and citizenship readiness for all students we are recognize the powerful role that parents must play in that process. Beginning for the 2015-2016 school year we are establishing a "House Parent" Team that will develop a vision for partnerships based on the following principles. 

1. We are a local site of CARE - the notion that it takes a village is never more evident than in a school. We must all CARE for our community and our children. 
2. We all have GIFTS to offer - our school needs your gifts as a parent and community member. Our House LEADERs will partner with you to sustain community connections. 
3. Together We Can Change the World - our parents and our community has the resources, personal connections, and heart to change the world for the better. House parents help facilitate and communicate the process and opportunities to do so. 

Interested? - email Mr. Bradley at 

Every parent will receive a free gift card upon entering our B2SB. All that you have to do is fill it out and share your gifts. If you drop it in the gift jar you will be in a drawing for free TNHS gear! 

Check out how some of our first ever citizenship ready students are changing the world from the class of 2015!


Friday, May 15, 2015

The General: May & June 2015

We are proud to celebrate our historic class of 2015 in the coming weeks. We have a full week of celebration planned to honor the foundation they have provided for future classes to follow in their footsteps. 
See below for more details about the events. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The General: March - April Issue

Watch this Month's Touchcast!

Our Lady Generals Soccer team has started our first ever Legacy Core Team. Check out their remarkable work by clicking here.

As Q3 report cards go home this Friday we will begin preparing to send invites for our Spring 2015 Dean's List Breakfast. We hope to see you there! 

11th Grade Dean’s List Breakfast = March 31st from 8:30 to 9:10 AM
 12th Dean’s List Breakfast= March 31st from 9:15 to 10:00 AM
9th Grade Dean’s List Breakfast= April 1st from 8:30 to 9:10 AM
10th Grade Dean’s List Breakfast= April 1st  from 9:15 to 10:00 AM

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 2015 Issue: The General

We are excited to announce that our class of 2015 will be the first class with the opportunity to achieve citizenship readiness at Thomas Nelson. 


This distinction brings together work from the Thomas Nelson General Assembly student leadership team and the Thomas Nelson Citizen Advisory Team over the past five months. Founded upon our core value of RESPONSIBILITY and corresponding care values we are excited to honor students that are taking care of their community. The process for readiness demands a holistic approach and is founded upon four essential beliefs. 


  1. Student LEADERship - meaningful and varied student experiences are essential to student growth. 
  2. Stewardship - By choosing service over self-interest we lay the foundation for success for future Generals to follow. 
  3. Curriculum Integration - The Citizenship Readiness narrative must be embedded into the curriculum for all students to have access to readiness and be able to support our community fully. 
  4. Sustained Community Partnerships - Through sustained partnerships with community organizations we provide a lasting foundation for support and service to our community. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 2014 Issue: The General

 Thank you for your feedback!

Learning from and with parents is essential to our ongoing improvement at Thomas Nelson. This survey data will be used by our teachers, SBDM Team, and Citizen Advisory team to focus are growth for the year ahead. 

What are we most proud of?
1. Our school community has worked to establish a safe place to learn with a focus on CARE Culture providing a strong foundation for us to work from. 94% of parents agree that TNHS is a safe place to learn and grow! 

2. This CARE Culture is founded upon consistently expectations for both students and staff members. 85% of parents agree that our staff cares about their child. 

3. We work to support all students. 92% of parents agree that TNHS has a strong belief that their child can be successful!

Where are we focused for continued growth?
1. College and Career Supports: Only 62% of parents agreed that they were aware of the Interim Assessment process. We want to continue to inform parents of the important role of these assessments in their child's learning trajectory. 

2. Only 67% of parents agreed they had received positive news about their child this year. We want this to be at 100% and have systems in place to ensure that all of our parents receive good news annually. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 29th, 2015 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Photo: Congratulations to DJ and Nick for being accepted to ECTC and to Logan for his acceptance letter to UK.  Generals Achieve.  Yes.
  1. Celebrating Citizenship Readiness
  2. Student Survey Results and Implications
  3. Parent Survey Results and Implications
  4. The Missing Piece Indicators and Notes
    1. What is the most important piece for our mission? 
      1. Relationship building Domain - feeling trusted. 
      2. How do we involve teachers in the communication with the Citizen Advisory team? 
      3. Communication with parents how do we track. 
      4. Remind 101 - every parent has a phone.