Monday, May 2, 2016

5.11.16 - General Hand Meeting

5.11.16 General Hand Agenda

  1. Parent Partnership E-Cards (All Parents)
  2. Read Aloud Norms (Wes)
  3. Parent CAREBook (15 min Total)
    1. Next Steps
  4. House LEADERs and House Parents (5 min).
  5. Parent Video Messages (25 min.)
    1. Breakout Groups (wear T-shirts)
    1. Gratitude Circles (Small Groups - 5 min.)
      1. What gifts did we share today?

    Connect, CARE, and Create App

    Connect, CARE, Create

    We are excited to bring the TNHS App to you live on the App store. The App is designed to align directly to the three components of our House Team Model - Connect, Care, and Create. 

    CONNECT - Through intentional planning we lay a foundation for deep relationships to develop between members of our community. Through these partnerships our students experience academic and social success.

    CARE - We believe in choosing the common good over what benefits one. Our House Structure provides a sense of stability, structure, and a deep seated belonging for all students, LEADERs, and Parents at Thomas Nelson High School.

    CREATE -  By asking the question “What do we want to create together” we redefine the traditional model of school culture, creating new opportunities for shared ownership, LEADERship, and service.